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GASantos is what you need to succesfully start using natural gas on your business in México

Natural gas trucks
& filling stations

If you need natural gas city buses and coach buses in México we're just who you are looking for. But if you already have natural gas vehicles and you're looking for CNG / LNG filling stations we are also the experts you need.

Natural gas to make your business more profitable

With diesel prices as high as the sky we can help you to save money on your business with our natural gas solutions in all México. Be more clean and more profitable at the same time.

Electricity generation
at your sites with natural gas

We can help you co-generate electricity in México with MADISA equipment. Ask for our different engines capacities to see which is the right for your power generation needs.

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A 360 solution. We provide the experts, the equipment, and the excellent after sales services you need to operate your business on natural gas in México.

Natural gas supply for your business

Natural gas supply for your business

Natural gas filling stations and virtual pipelines for your business. Choose between CNG or LNG. Don't know which one best for you? Don't worry, our experts can help you.

Compressed Natural Gas

/ stored at high pressure
  • 3000 a 3600 psi
  • 34,750 BTU
  • 85 to 90% Methane
  • Lower cost of storage
  • Ideal when available at short distances

Liquefied Natural Gas

/ Transported in liquefied form
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Storaged at -162˚C
  • 82,600 BTU
  • +98% Methane
  • More cost efficient to transport
  • Energy desnsity is 2.4 more than CNG
  • It can be stored in a volume 600 times smaller than CNG

* CNG quality may vary depending upon source, location, storage, and transportation methods.

Virtual Natural Gas Filling Stations

In GASantos you find the experts to design and build various types of advanced LNG / L-CNG filling stations throughout México

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Electric cogeneration equipment.


Electrical outputs from 13.5 kW to 4 MW per unit. Three fase voltages available in 220, 440, 480, 4160, 6900, 13200 and 13800 volts with outstanding electrical efficiencies